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Journalism 2011: The New Trifecta February 2, 2011

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“Social media will establish itself firmly as something that every media company will need to have a strategy and staff for. This isn’t a fad.” -Jim Brady, former general manager, TBD
This is where I found the following statement. I agree with this statement. I believe that social media will play a huge role in how people receive and report the news. I see media companies establishing strategy and heavily utilizing the social media sites Facebook and Twitter. When the companies start this strategy, it will open up new opportunities for jobs that weren’t once available before.

Michael Andersen, editor of Portalnd Afoot, made this “wild” prediction that “2011 will be the year of media initiatives that serve poor and middle-income people.
I somewhat agree with Anderson’s “wild” prediction. Anderson’s prediction deals mainly with mobile internet capability. When smart phones and mobile web on cell phones came out, it was a luxury to have one. Now as the mobile web and popularity of smart phones are rising, the price of owning one or having mobile internet capabilities is going down. Since almost everyone owns a cell phone these days and the cost for having mobile internet is going down, media companies will start  producing more news that way.

“2011 is the year of The New Trifecta: the convergence of mobile, social and video…” -Ken Doctor, analyst, Newsonomics
I completely agree with this prediction. The convergence of mobile, social, and video is a vital new platform that eventually all news and social media companies will be using. These are three elements that are growing in popularity among the public. Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and smart phones will eventually converge together into a big “hub” where people can go find their information.

The traditional newsroom will become a virtual newsroom.
I could see this happening, maybe not in 2011, but definitely in the near future. The beauty of a virtual newsroom is that journalists and reporters could do all of their work in the field, instead of meeting back at a central location to write and do research on a story. With mobile technologies on the rise, this gives journalists and reporters the ability to do all of their work in the field.



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