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St. Patrick Center Stays True to Motto: Building Permanent, Positive Change March 1, 2011

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One of the many St. Patrick Center Banners that hangs high with pride along with other banners of the services the center provides.

Change can be a good thing, and one day in 1983, Edith C. Cunnane made a positive change when she founded the St. Patrick Center. The St. Patrick Center (SPC), located at 800 N. Tucker Blvd. in St. Louis, is a center that provides housing, employment, and mental health programs for poor and homeless individuals and families.

On a cold, wintery day in the early 1980’s, Cunnane was walking about the city streets in St. Louis, when she noticed a group of people just standing outside. She approached them and asked them what they were doing standing out there in the cold. “Lady, where do you think I would be welcome today?” Cunnane recalls a man in the group asking her. The man’s answer gave her the motivation to help the homeless people in the area. After encouragement from friends, family, and the program Catholic Charities, SPC was created.

According to the recent census, 26.7% of St. Louis residents live below the poverty line. St. Louis is ranked near the bottom of the Top 15 Poorest Cities in America, making the work and services SPC offers important to those that they help. The SPC is also the largest provider of these services in the state of Missouri. SPC has helped more than 141,000 homeless people, which averages out to be about 9,000 people annually.

Lewis walking back from a lunch break to work at the St. Patrick Center.

SPC provides a numerous amount of opportunities for the poor and homeless in the St. Louis area (which can be seen below) with the many types of services they offer. Along with the homeless people getting help, the greatest positive change would be the individual’s success that he or she may get from the center.

Lewis*, a employee of SPC, says, “I was in a low point in my life. I was addicted to all kind of drugs, I lost my job, and most importantly, my family. I felt so alone until I found out about St. Patrick Center.” Lewis is one of the many workers at SPC who is still working towards a better life. He utilizes most of the services, especially the classes that aim towards teaching people how to live a better life, the SPC provides, and is working at trying to improve his relationship with his wife and children that gave up on him once before. Lewis is making a positive change, and will be able to share his success story with the rest of the world.

SPC provides the following housing, employment, and mental health services:

Housing Opportunities:

Click any of the services above to find out more information.

Employment Opportunities/Services:

Click on any of the above services to find out more information.

Mental Health Services:

Click on any of the services above to find out more information.

What You Can Do To Help:
The St. Patrick Center services are not just for homeless and poor people of St. Louis. There are several ways that you and the people in your community can help.

-Individual Volunteer Opportunities
-Group Volunteer Opportunities
-Youth Volunteer Opportunities
-Practicums and Interships
-Donate. Click here to see what exactly your donation can do. The Wish List shows what items the center needs.
-Attending on of the following Benefits: Annual Giving, Planned Giving, and Special Giving


As outsiders can see, the building will be the same, but the change that occurs will always be a positive one.



*Asked that his full name would not be disclosed at the time of interview


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