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KSDK and RFT on Facebook and Twitter Provide Newsworthy, Local Information March 31, 2011

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KSDK Channel 5 News and The Riverfront Times (RFT) newspaper are both news sources that post their most interesting or hottest stories on social media sites. For the past two weeks, I have been following both organizations on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most of the content from both news organizations contained local posts. On KSDK’s page, I was clicking on stories that involved mainly hard news stories, such as the Pulaski Bank hold up, the middle schooler bringing a gun to school, etc. On RFT’s page, I was still reading about crime stories, but I was also reading stories about the local music scene events, interesting stories–like a goose attacking a Shrewsberry Officer, and information about the Cardinal’s opening day. I prefer to follow KSDK and RFT on Facebook as opposed to Twitter because on Facebook I like to read comments from other viewers/readers. I also like how fans can post questions on Facebook pages and the news organization replies to the comment in a timely manner. As far as delivery and story selection go, the delivery was very fast and updated frequently on KSDK and RFT and the story selection was good, but I would have preferred to see more national news being updated on both KSDK and RFT. I prefer following news on social media because I can get stories instantly whenever and where ever I want as long as I have my laptop or iPhone with me, even though I do enjoy watching the news or picking up an RFT paper to read every now and then.


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